MOTOR BOAT 10m60 x 4m40



The boat is a simple, small, easy to build and nice looking Motor yacht. As it will be seen further, the internal available volume is optimized. The design is made with European Inland Waterways in mind. Coastal navigation could be made safely depending on how the construction is done and what sort of material is used to achieve the safety requirements.

The hull shape is inspired from small Dutch Motor boats. Known also as Netherland or Holland, this country has a long tradition of excellent seagoing -sometimes strange looking- vessels. Dutch people –brave seaman-, were mastering Oceans during centuries in competition with British, French, Spanish and Portuguese Empires. Many of their old designs such as “Tjalks” and other “Clippers” are still navigating in Inland Waterways. Some of them are more than 100 years old. Obviously it is not wiser to take the sea with such an “old hull” but in calm canals, rivers and estuaries today they are used as “floating houses”.

The hull proposed in this book – replica of an old design- is easy to assemble because of its shape. The wheelhouse (and or main cabin) is about 4m X 2.5m providing almost 10m2. Another cabin is located in front providing additional room of 3m X 2.5m making the total surface 17m2 as living quarters. There are some more spaces as storage area (chain locker in front and storage area in the aft for fenders, ropes etc.).

As it could be seen in the pictures above, a flat bottom slightly curved upward and two sides nicely fitted on top of a strong keel will lead to a nice looking hull. The internal furniture and layout are not included in design process. One can imagine how to place the engine, some reservoirs for fuel, water and used waters collectors along with other expected equipment on board of a vessel.

Chain Locker in front could be reduced by 50cm toward the bow leaving more space to front cabin. Chain locker and front cabin are separated with a watertight bulkhead. Chain locker remains accessible from exterior only (from deck using a watertight hatch cover).